Warm Lentil Salad With Goat Cheese Recipe (2024)

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This is excellent with baby new potatoes, boiled at the same time as the lentils and sliced into quarters. Toss the hot potatoes with the hot lentils and dressing, then add goat cheese. Filling vegetarian dinner.


Add cumin, tumeric, and cardamom, and roasted red pepper. Consider using kale, spinach, or swiss chard


The first time I made it, I followed the recipe exactly. Was very soupy, but still tasty. The second time, I left the cooking water out of the vinaigrette and I like the texture better. I enjoy folding in the arugula to wilt it, and then eating the dish over pasta, rice, or quinoa. I also usually leave out the herbs because I never have them around! I've used both whole masoor and whole green lentils for this recipe and they both work fine.


I cannot even begin to tell you how good this was. We’re 2 people so I halved the recipe and had hearty leftovers, and I did not use the onion because we’re in quarantine and that’s a waste. When I tasted this, my first words were a swear and then I called my partner in to try it. THIS is my favorite dish. We served over spinach, with honey roasted carrots on the side. The sweetness complimented the acidity, and it was heaven.


Used black caviar lentils, followed the recipe exactly, added slices of avocado on top. Yum!


This is a very simple dish and so easy to put together. Yes a little soupy, but I enjoyed it. I doubled the garlic and can see where adding in another herb might be good, I'm thinking coriander. Finally, I had some pickled red onions which I chopped and added as a garnish. The slight sweetness of the onions really punched it up. I will make this again. Maybe not for company, but certainly for myself.

Theresa SF Bay Area

We enjoyed it cold over shredded romaine and topped with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.

Home cook

Made this with black lentils and subbed chopped beet greens for Swiss Chard as the variation. Drained the lentils and omitted the additional lentil broth from the dressing. The salad was still excellently moist without being a soup. Will make again!

My potluck go to side or salad

This recipe is so easy, delicious and nourishing.

Lisa O

I eliminated the lentil broth per others’ recommendations, and the texture was perfect - creamy, with a nice chewiness to the lentils. I used sherry vinegar and found its flavor slightly too pronounced, so next time I will reduce the amount or substitute tomatoes or lemon juice for a mellower source of acidity. The dish is sort of homely (beluga lentils combined with goat cheese create a grayish sauce) but very easy and tasty.


Notes for next time:- arugula was good; would be good to try other greens for wilting, especially over a grain (spinach, chard) - don’t use split lentils - feta will work if goat cheese is not available - chop onions and mince garlic and leave in- for a salad, add more toppings, especially crunchy things (almonds, fried onion) - try over a grain (quinoa, polenta)


This was very good and I will make it again. I used spinach, doubled the amount and mixed it with the lentils and goat cheese after the lentils cooked. I served it on quinoa - filling and tasty.

Ken M

Delicious and simple. Make sure to not to bring the lentils back to a simmer after adding goat cheese (I put mine back on heat to warm and ended up doing so). It gives the cheese a grainy texture instead of it being smooth and velvety.


Lovely dish. Topping with some chopped cherry tomatoes makes it much more visually appealing and has the added benefit of being tasty.

Home cook

Made this with black lentils and subbed chopped beet greens for Swiss Chard as the variation. Drained the lentils and omitted the additional lentil broth from the dressing. The salad was still excellently moist without being a soup. Will make again!


My family loved these! To the dressing I added cumin, red pepper and the juice of one lemon. I served lemon wedges on the side. I used caviar lentils- I pound, skipped the arugula and served grilled chicken sausages on the side. Easy pest.


Fantastic recipe. I used what I had on hand: green lentils, an arugula and spinach mix, and diced onion. The lentils, red wine vinegar and goat cheese make a trifecta.


made with feta the 2nd time around, also delicious.


Overall a nice dish, take car not to overcook lentils initially or add too much liquid. Hard to present in an appetizing way on bed of arugula, would be better next time served on rice or some bread to dip in.


Mixed in some dried cranberries along with the arugula, and ate like a salad


I needed to get rid of some lentils and goat cheese, and oddly enough found this recipe. Who knew this marriage could be so fruitful? It’s a surprisingly simple dish that just requires a little bit of patience. I didn’t have chives, so I added a bit of rosemary and thyme. I could see myself in the future, adding crispy bacon, or something of the sort. Yumm


Loved. Did 2 C of chicken broth and the remainder water. Would prob do more goat cheese in the future (~5-6oz)


Delicious! Skipped the lentil broth and made a dressing with 1/4c balsamic vinegar reduction, 1/3c olive oil, a tiny bit of sherry (the wine, not the vinegar), a splash of lemon juice, coriander, cumin, white pepper, garlic powder, and salt. Tossed with arugula and about 6oz goat cheese until creamy and arugula is wilted. Served over mixed baby greens.

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Warm Lentil Salad With Goat Cheese Recipe (2024)
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